Sunday, November 8, 2015

Barkerville & Wells Gray National Park

On our way down to Well Gray National Park, we stopped at a waterfall beside the road.  It was so beautiful and gave the kids a chance to run around and get some fresh air.  It was lovely.  I even managed to catch two blue birds on camera.

                                       Caleb and Judah having a sword fight over the stream.

Best Buds!

Wells Gray National Park was a wonderful stop on our adventure.  It is set in the hills and filled with lakes and streams.  We found a great campsite right on the Clearwater river. 

Then we headed over to Barkerville to explore days gone by.  We, of course, started with the trees!

Barkerville is an old town that they have reconstructed.  We got to walk through many shops, China town, and the bakery which by the way, had the best cinnamon buns ever.

There was a printing shop and we were able to learn all about how they used to print the newspaper years ago.  

The boys enjoyed watching the black smith in his shop, I think they would have joined him if they could.

The kids loved watching the gold panning, eating suckers, seeing the houses and experiencing all of the fun things in the old town.

We were able to watch a court session in progress and I must say that the gentlemen did a great job!  It was a fun time and the boys liked trying on their wigs as well.

The final event was learning all about the water wheel and how it worked to help them mine gold.  They also put on a good show and had us all laughing as we learned.  

All in all we had a great time at Barkerville and thoroughly enjoyed all that we saw and learned.   Then we drove down to Wells Gray National Park.   The scenery was spectacular.  The rivers, waterfalls and hills were so beautiful and refreshing to see.

We even enjoyed a lovely hike.

                                We even managed to get some schoolwork done along the way!

We camped next to the Clearwater river and we all had fun exploring.

Malaya even found a tree chair!

I was so excited to be able to see the salmon running.  That is something I had never seen in the wild and I had always wanted to.  


God's creation is incredible and when we have the privilege of observing it, we are truly blessed.

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